VAT and Tax Debt Management Services

We can help you with any SARS issues

We have a wide range of services we can offer when it comes to managing your debt and decreasing your worry. From keeping you and your business SARS Compliant to dealing with a building debt or keeping that prosecution from happening, we can handle it.


  • SARS Debt Agreements
  • SARS Tax Settlement
  • SARS Debt Compromises
  • SARS VAT Debt Help
  • SARS Tax Debt Relief
  • SARS Audit Help
  • SARS Letter Of Findings Help
  • SARS Debt Settlement
  • SARS VAT Debt Help Guide
  • SARS Tax Clearance Help
  • SARS Tax Registrations Help
  • SARS VAT Refunds
About HG Thomson, TDM’s CEO:
Grant is a former SARS tax auditor, and is a registered Master Tax Professional (SAIT). Today he is one of the top 20 ranked tax practitioners in South Africa. Having completed his postgraduate studies in Taxation at the University of South Africa, Grant now deals with high profile tax cases that are often in the public domain.
We can help you.
At TDM we’re all about solutions. No matter how deep your debt goes or how desperate your situation is, we’ll get you out. We’ve dealt with the worst cases imaginable and still hold a 100% success rate that we don’t plan on breaking. So let us take the debt out of your office, and your life, and put you back on track.
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